What is CMR Insurance?
It is an agreement on the transportation of international goods by road.
This agreement was made by the parties who believed in the benefits of standardizing the conditions of road transport of the goods, in particular the documents used for such transport and the responsibility of the carrier.
Turkey's imports and exports transport companies are undertaking an important part of the move, a lot of risk when transporting these goods is no doubt that also installed. In today's conditions, it is not possible to account for the responsibilities that may arise from these risks. Therefore, an international agreement, defined as the CMR Convention adopted by the European countries in 1956, has been adopted with the view that the sender and the recipient as a whole will be useful for conducting commercial relations between the sender-carrier. He has taken his place in Turkish Law since 1995.
Scope of CMR Insurance
Carrier according to the CMR convention; is responsible for the cost of the SDR of a maximum of 8.33 for 1 Kg of the material that is damaged, lost or missing. SDR is an international currency.
Property Insurance Should Be Done?
In order to avoid risks, you must have a Property Insurance on the actual value of the material in the delivery of the materials determined by the CMR convention that is 1 kilogram = 8.33 SDR / 9.9 Euro.


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