It is a transport mode that has some advantages because it is faster than other types of transport and is relatively inexpensive, especially in short-haul transports, since it allows for a direct transport between the starting and destination points.
Importance of Road Transport
Nowadays, it is the most preferred road transportation in the field of transportation because road transportation is reliable, it is used both widely and it can carry more cargo. All types of transportation from a house to a factory are carried by road transport. Road transportation is the most common form of transportation in this sector, which is more attractive than the price and the necessity of price.
This type of transportation is very flexible and can easily carry out loading and unloading operations, frequent loading of scheduled loads, door-to-door service, short delivery times. They are easily affected by bad weather conditions and they are negatively affected by traffic and environmental factors.
Road transport compete with aircrafts in small cargoes and sea and rail in larger cargoes. However, being flexible and versatile is an important advantage. In other words, the transport can be made to the door-to-door without the need of other transport systems.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of road transport?
  The most important advantage of road transport is that it allows flexible and fast transportation of low quantity products at short and medium distances. Thus, the companies are able to make olduğ Just in Time olduğ deliveries by order based work.
  In addition, the waiting times to be experienced in the ports are bypassed by road transport and the delivery of the products directly to the customers' warehouses. On the road, products can be delivered to buyers in the same way as in sea transport.
  The terminal requirement is usually small.
  It is the most convenient way of connecting all production and consumption centers, ie door-to-door transport.
  Under suitable geographical conditions, the transport network is almost unlimited.
  Provides quick service.
  It provides convenience during loading, unloading and loading and unloading operations.
  Vehicle planning and easy to find, has the ability to make frequent trips
  Relatively low handling costs and risk of damage
  More efficient and economical at short distance
  Ability to transport in very different volumes
  The transport means is largely under control of the sender / carrier
  Possibility to increase and decrease transport speed
  Easy adjustment of departure and arrival times
The most important disadvantage of road transport is that they have expensive transportation costs compared to other transport modes.
Compared to other modes, infrastructure investments are less.
Low amount of freight transported at one time
Weight limitations
Affected by bad weather conditions
Sensitive to rotation and return load balance
Lack of equipment at high volume outputs
High risk of accidents
Environmental pollution, traffic density and more land use and infrastructure requirements
Price uncertainty in market fluctuations


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