The age of the vehicle used must comply with the regulations. There is no age requirement for trailers or semi-trailers.
Basic elements in road transport; drivers, vehicles and loads. Drivers must be qualified under certain conditions.
Trailer; It is a road vehicle that is connected by a connecting device designed by the truck and designed according to the characteristics of the load to be carried. Trailer according to loading volume; The dry load is divided into semi-trailer, optima trey, jumbo trailer. Tankers and container carriers are also used in road transport.
Loads in road transport; they are divided into general and special loads, as in each transport type. Special loads, perishable foods, dangerous substances and live animals enters. In road transport; According to the capacity of the vehicle is divided into full truck load and groupage load.
In land transport, companies make the planning of loading with which vehicle they will be transported before they can be loaded in their large warehouses. In order to respond to sales and orders, the company has to make the most suitable vehicle and loading planning. In order to be able to make the loading plan, it is necessary to know the information about the product, the information about the vehicle, the information about the package, the availability of the product on it, the priority of the shipment and the pallet and box costs.
The loading equipment used in road transport are:
Pallet; used in the warehouse and in the installation.
Ramps; loading and unloading is the mechanism that facilitates the work.
Fortlift on; It is used in in-warehouse and loading.
Conveyors; parcel, package and sacks are used to load and unload.
Connection Cranes; It is used for the transportation and loading of large sized goods.


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