In general, the concept of customs is used for the place where these works and operations are made.
Customs in our country, the Ministry of Customs and Trade is an institution working within.
What Does Clearance Mean?
In the import or export operations carried out with a foreign country, the service of carrying out the works and transactions with the state in the transition of the products or services from the bonded areas is called customs clearance.
What is Customs Brokerage?
The customs counselors who follow and finalize the customs procedures of the goods or services subject to customs procedures, and who are given permission by the Undersecretariat of Customs, are called customs counselors.
Customs brokers, who are assigned to fulfill the customs clearance services, carry out the first profession established by the law in our country.
Within the scope of customs clearance services, customs brokers act as their own representative, but indirectly, through indirect representation. Customs brokers are obliged to declare that they act on behalf of the person represented and to present their authorization certificate to customs offices.
What are Customs Clearance Services?
Regulation of Customs Declaration
Certification of Exporters' Associations
Arrangement of invoice
ATR İEUR1- THE ORIGIN OF THE ORIGIN certificate and approval of the Chamber of Commerce
Time tracking of temporary exits
The closure of customs declarations
Purchase of Ordino
Delivery of documents
Follow-up of customs declaration registration and transactions
Purchase of a letter of guarantee or blocked checks
G.T.İ.P. Detection
Follow-up of other transactions related to customs clearance
The most important issue for customs clearance services is to obtain information from a customs clearance company that has a certificate of expertise and authority in the field before starting all work and operations. It should be kept in mind that an erroneous job or operation will result in more cost and time loss.


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